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Stanley South Has Retired!.....p. 1
Director's Note.....p. 2
Colonial Conflicts and the Carolina-Chickasaw· Connection.....p. 4
God's Fields: Landscape, Religion, and Race in Moravian Wachovia.....p. 5
2011 Activities of the Southeastern Paleoamerican Survey.....p. 6
SCAPOD Update: Public Education at the Topper Site During the 2011 Field Season.....p. 11
The 2011 Field Seasons at Robertson Farm Site 2 (38PN35).....p. 12
SCAPOD Collaboration with PAST: Public Outreach at Robertson Farm Site (38PN35).....p. 14
The Savannah River Archaeological Research Program's Cinematic Outreach Program.....p. 15
Radiocarbon and Luminescence Dating at Flamingo Bay (38AK469): Implications for Site Formation Processes and Artifact Burial at a Carolina Bay.....p. 16
From Gizzards to Gastroliths: Early to Mid-Holocene Intensive Harvest and Processing of Migratory Waterfowl at a Carolina Bay in the Upper Coastal Plain of South Carolina.....p. 22
ArchSite-Part II.....p. 26
Commemoration of the 450th Anniversary of the Landing of French Explorer Jean Ribaut on Parris Island, South Carolina in May 1562.....p. 28
ART/SCIAA Donors Update January 2011-January 2012.....p. 30


This newsletter, currently titled Legacy (1996-present), was previously titled PastWatch (1992-1996).

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