South Carolina Civil Procedure

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The SC Bar CLE Division is proud to announce the publication of South Carolina Civil Procedure, Fourth Edition by Professor James F. Flanagan, John S. Nichols, Professor Joel Samuels, and Associate Dean Colin Miller. This book has become the standard reference work on the South Carolina Rules of Civil Procedure. Each chapter tracks the order of the South Carolina Rules of Civil Procedure, with analysis, commentary, and case authority on each civil rule, as well as other important related topics such as service of process, personal and subject matter jurisdiction, the right to a jury, and post-trial motions. The book is being published in two volumes. Volume I covers Rules 1 to 37 which discuss service of process, pleadings, joinder and discovery. Volume II discusses the remaining rules 38-86 including subpoenas, right to jury, summary judgment, trials and post-trial motions. The last four chapters cover personal and subject matter jurisdiction, venue and res judicata. South Carolina Civil Procedure is logically organized, thorough, and comprehensive. The authors provide valuable guidance on our Rules of Civil Procedure through detailed and thoughtful analysis, pinpoint citations to authority, and an emphasis on practical application for the busy practitioner. Each purchase of South Carolina Civil Procedure comes with a downloadable version of the book for easy searching.