The Structure and Function of Social Networks of Mothers of Young Children With Disabilities

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The current exploratory study examines the structure and function of social support for mothers of very young children (under 24 months) with a range of disabilities who are receiving Individuals With Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) Part C early intervention services. The psychological well-being and social networks of 88 mothers in one state were assessed. Associations between network characteristics and maternal stress were found for the total netword, along with a connection between lowered depression and concrete support from the spouse/partner and lowered stress and emotional support from professional helpers. This study mirrors some findings of similar studies of mothers with older children with disabilities but uniquely found spouse/partner support to be prominent. Implications for both research and ealy intervention practictioners are considered.

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Kilburn, J. E., & Shapiro, C. J. (2018). The structure and function of social networks of mothers of young children with disabilities. Topics in Early Childhood Special Education, 39(4), 250–259.