Modification of the Preventing Child Abuse and Neglect (PCAN) Curriculum for Idea Part C Providers

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Strategic workforce training of organizations that provide services to families of young children with special needs can help strengthen families and prevent child maltreatment, but few cirriculua are available for this purpose. One professional development cirriculum, Preventing Child Abuse and Neglect: Parent-Provider Partnerships in Child Care (PCAN; Seibel, Britt, Gillespie, & Parlakian, 2006), designed for an early care and education workforce, focuses on building protective factors to strengthen families and reduce the likelihood of maltreatment. In this project, this PCAN cirriculum was modified for delivery by an early intervention workforce. Through three iterations of a participatory action research process, delivery enhancements resulted in improved satisfaction with the training and perceived content knowledge gains. The modifications to PCAN stand as a model for delivering PCAN to wider audiences.

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Kilburn, J. E., & Shapiro, C. J. (2015a). Modification of the “Preventing Child Abuse and Neglect” (PCAN) Curriculum for IDEA Part C Providers. ERIC 36(n1), 57–63.