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The CASA UNO GPS (Global Positioning System) experiment (January-February 1988) has provided the first epoch baseline measurements for the study of plate motions and crustal deformation in and around the North Andes. Two dimensional horizontal baseline repeatabilities are as good as 5 parts in 108 for short baselines (100-1000km), and better than3 parts in 108 for long baselines (>1000km). Vertical repeatabilities are typically 4 -6 cm, with a weak dependence on baseline length. The expected rate of plate convergence across the Colombia Trench is 6-8 cm/yr, which should be detectable by the repeat experiment planned for 1991. Expected deformation rates within the North Andes are of the order of 1 cm/yr, which may be detectable with the 1991 experiment.


Kellogg, J.N., Freymueller, J. T., Dixon, T. H., Neilan, R. E., Ropain U., C., Camargo M., S., Fernandez C., B., Stowell, J. L., Salazar, A., Mora. V., J., Espin, L., Perdue, V., & Leos, L. (1990). First GPS baseline results from the North Andes. Geophysical Research Letters, 17 (3), 211-214.

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