Earth, Ocean and Environment, School of the

Earth, Ocean and Environment, School of the

Understanding and caring for our planet requires an appreciation of the sweeping arc from the solid earth, to freshwater and marine systems, to the relationship of humans to those environments. The mission at the School of the Earth, Ocean and Environment is to achieve an understanding of Earth’s diverse environments and human relationships through research, and to convey that understanding through education, and outreach to the broader community.

The academic programs and degrees and the research institutes now housed within the School of the Earth, Ocean & Environment have a long and inter-related history. The SEOE itself was first authorized by the Board of Trustees in 2010, and served as an umbrella organization for five entities: the Department of Earth & Ocean Sciences, the Environment & Sustainability Program, the Marine Sciences Program, the Earth Sciences and Resources Institute, and the Belle W. Baruch Institute for Marine & Coastal Sciences. In December 2015, the Board of Trustees approved the designation of the SEOE as a tenuring unit, leading to the consolidation of our academic programs, while retaining the individual degrees and curricula.

Each part of SEOE has a long and illustrious history, presented here in the order of their establishment: geology and geophysics, the Baruch Institute, Marine Sciences, Earth Sciences and Resources Institute-SC, and Environment & Sustainability.


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