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The convergence of big data and geospatial computing has brought challenges and opportunities to GIScience with regards to geospatial data management, processing, analysis, modeling, and visualization. This special issue highlights recent advancements in integrating new computing approaches, spatial methods, and data management strategies to tackle geospatial big data challenges and meanwhile demonstrates the opportunities for using big data for geospatial applications. Crucial to the advancements highlighted here is the integration of computational thinking and spatial thinking and the transformation of abstract ideas and models to concrete data structures and algorithms. This editorial first introduces the background and motivation of this special issue followed by an overview of the ten included articles. Conclusion and future research directions are provided in the last section.

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Li, Z., Tang, W., Huang, Q., Shook, E., & Guan, Q. (2020). Introduction to big data computing for geospatial applications. ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information, 9(8), 487.

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