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New Building To Expand Law Center

Lifestyles of the Glib and Infamous

S.C. Reporter Might Be History

Editorial: Who Will Take Up The Mantle?

Gavel Raps Editorial Board

The Race: Almost Worth $4.75

Letter to the Editor, by C. Beans

The Real "Rest Of The Story," by Duffie Stone

Former Gamecock Great Used Law School League To Rejoin Pros, by Jim Corbett

Bar Exam No Longer Required of USC Grads, by Jim Corbett

Law School 1 Million B.C., by Steve Douglas

From 1 Million B.C. We Move To 2001 A.D.: One Small Step for Womankind, by Staff Reporter W.M.

Fashion Corner: The All New "Nerd Look" For Spring

"Hooding" Uncovered

Thordahl Elected To SBA Presidency

Bruce Springsteen Coming To Columbia, by John Buckely

The Eyes Have It

LOGGIN' LOBBY TIME, by The Jury Stalker

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