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Medlock Gives Keynote Address

American Law Institute Holds 60th Annual Meeting

SGA Cuts SBA Budget

Lightsey Welcomes First Year Class

President's Report, by Bebe Karvelas

Bell: Law School Is Different

Gavel Raps Editorial Board and Staff

Calendar of Events

Student Organizations

Moot Court

Law Review

Phi Delta Phi, by Russ Weinberg

ABA-LSD, by Jan Simmons

Women's Law Association, by Mary Lou Grier

PAD Offers Balance, by Jane D. Fender

Logging Lobby Time

Professorial Profile: Professor Nathan Crystal, by Mona Stephens

Long Awaited Appeals Court Reality, by Donna Faye Shetley

Curlie: The Quintessential Law Student

Law Student Runs For House

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