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Ford Participates at Law Day, by Tom Hart

Faculty Postpones Research Seminar, by Bill Webber

Small Claims Court Breaking Down, by the Associated Press

A Compromise on Graduation, by John Holland

Letters to the Editor

Gavel Raps Editorial Board and Staff

Law and Love, by Sue Teese

Gavel Rap Opinions

Students Strike Out, by Tom Webber

A Visit to Law Review, by Michael Porter

You've Got to Work for That Job!, by Tom Webber

The Family Lawyer, by Will Bernard

A Case of T.V. Rape

A Survey of Fall 1977 Grades...

...Brought to You by the Following:

Last Step to Glory, by Michael Porter

Means Discusses Tenure Considerations, by Wayne Carter

Student Lawyer Condemns LSAT

A Law Manual?


More (mmm) Gossip...

Clinic's to be Reorganized, by Blanchette Hart

The Galloping Gourmand, by Judy Nuss

International Moot, by Richard Lehr

SBA Hoopsters Chase Law School Crown

Gavel Notes -- Gavel Notes

Radioactive Surprise!

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March-April 1978

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