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Law Center Holds Mid-Term Commencement, by Pete Korn

Law Students Receive Clerkships, by Pete Korn

USC Places 2nd In Client - Counseling Competition

Bonds Appointed Clerk For Chapman

Anonymity On Exams Is A Must…, by A.W.M.

Smoking And Our Building...

Noted Law Professor Speaks Here Tuesday

Gavel Raps Editorial Board and Staff

Faculty Passes Salary Resolution

Dr. Jones: Law Salaries Low

Letter To The Editor, by Mike Zimmerman

Schedule of Coming Events

4th District Congressman Mann Discusses Impeachment, by Harry Rivers

Summer Program Abroad Announced, by Andy Maron

Betts Wins Hasford-Poston Award

Law Review Selection Procedure Announced, by Bob Burke

ABA Releases Enrollment Figures

Zäire & Mobutu -- An Examination of One-Party Rule, by Jacques P.M. Vanderlinden

Student Clinics Up-date, by Jay Trost

DJ for WCOS--FM: Bender 'Moonlights' in A.M., by Will Ehlies

School Law Workshop Held

For Information

Fraternities Announce Semester Activities

Phi Alpha Delta, by Brian Kernaghan

Phi Delta Phi, by Bill Turnipseed

Basketball Is Back, by Mitch Willoughby

Supreme Court To Rule On Minority Recruitment

An Interview With...Professors Barvick and Freeman: 'Professional Responsibility', by Cary Collins & Pete Korn

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