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Glenn Manning Honored, by Pete Korn

Bar Exam Results Disclosed, by Cary Collins

Massive Law Center Self-Study Begun, by Andy Maron

Honor Code Now…For Honor Later, by D. H. M.

Faculty Evaluation Critical, by A.W.M.

Gavel Raps Editorial Board and Staff

SBA Reports

Dean's Column, by Dean Robert W. Foster

Law Center Financial Aid, by Ashley O. Thrift, Assistant to the Dean


ABA/AALS Accreditation Inspection To Be Held

From the SBA President, by O. Lee Sturkey

SBA Budget Analysis, by Mitch Willoughby

Platoon Leaders Class, PLC Law Marine Corps

Phi Delta Phi Wins 'Beercup', by Bill Turnipseed

Belgium...Linguistically Split, Legally Stable, by Jacques P.M. Vanderlinden

A Talk With The SBA Vice-President, by Jay Trost

Who? What? Why?, Photo by Larry Hyman

Cartoon/poem, by Barr S. Ster

Interview...Professor Ralph Norvell, by Will Ehlies

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