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Kara Apel

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University of South Carolina Board of Student Publications and Communications




Business school hikes up fees; Students face extra $900 per year on top of university’s 6.9 percent tuition increase; Data shows study abroad increasing; Even in economic downturn; trips jumped by 35 percent last year; FORMER PROFESSOR HOPES TO CHANGE CENTURY-OLD SONG; SHOULD OUR ALMA MATER GET NEW TUNE?; DON’T HAZE ME; BRO; SC prisons face criticism over HIV segregation; Paris Hilton detained at Japanese airport; Jackson denies offering money for Senate seat; Moore School uses prestige to nab $900; Columnists state whether they would attend Jon Stewart’s Oct. 30 “Rally to Restore Sanity” in Washington; USC needs free laundry for students; University should; enact policy like that of Winthrop; Letter to the editor: English never ‘standard’; HALO REACHES NEW HEIGHTS; Latest installment in wildly popular video game series excites with great multiplayer; graphics; Right Side of the Tree’ explores; digital music; combines genres; Atlanta-based indie project goes viral; turns YouTube sensation; NEW SHOWS CAN’T BEAT ‘DANCING WITH THE STARS’; Premiering Monday; ABC reality series shines above rest; Ground game paying off for USC; Rushing attack point of emphasis as Gamecocks face Auburn Tigers this weekend; MLB players ruin chances for stardom; Gambling; substance abuse taints many talented player’s futures; Former Gamecocks reminisce on McKinley’s life; Munnerlyn; Brinkley speak on tragic event

The Daily Gamecock, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2010