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Kara Apel

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University of South Carolina Board of Student Publications and Communications




FUMBLED AWAY; SAFARI hosts final meeting; Ambitious goals; lack of effect disband club; Fourth quarter turnovers ruin Gamecocks’ chances at victory; One Campaign Comes to USC; Organization aims to fight poverty; prevent disease worldwide; Alpha Lambda Delta; named best in nation; Notebook: Shaq is back for Carolina; Kratch: No quarterback controversy for Spurrier; Gamecocks; Despite fourth quarter benching; Garcia still Carolina’s best option; SC eliminates programs for blind in budget cuts; Critics debate abortion pill by teleconference; Humanitarian efforts; show students care; Auburn hospitality sets standards; Gamecock fans can show team pride without being rude; disrespectful; Brand names; detract from individuality; Company logos; on clothing limit self-expression; Arts worth pursuing despite discouragement; Focus on sciences; job security not grounds for discarding creativity; Mobros mix genres to great effect; Three-piece band from Camden; SC; combines blues; funk and Latin soul for unique sound; NBC’s ‘The Event’propels into mystery; Lost; comparisons aside; eventful pilot shows hope for complex thriller; CBS resurrects ‘Five-0’ for younger generation; Successful remake of classic show blends intriguing characters; settings; Jeffery shines in loss to Auburn; Wide receiver nears 200 yards; adds two touchdowns against Tigers

The Daily Gamecock, MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 27, 2010