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Kara Apel

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University of South Carolina Board of Student Publications and Communications




Education summit leads to few answers; University administrators; governor discuss tuition hikes; new capital construction projects in Midlands meeting; Commissioner says SC needs fewer regulations; State rules skyrocket capital projects on university campuses by 25 percent; according to Ken Wingate; Data leads SG to consider closing late-night shuttle; Flooding possible along coast; UT student opens fire; kills self; Mudslide leaves 11 missing; Sanford in no place to criticize spending; Columnists gossip about whether College ACB is merely fun; freedom of speech or slanderous sludge that should be taken down; Healthiness more crucial than weight; Obsession with thinness harmful; Christians should read Bible before preaching it; Many Americans know surprisingly little about religion nation was founded on; Guardians; fails to be ‘legendary’; Animated fi lm impresses with visual effects; but plot lacks depth; originality; Comedy night; brings amateur acts to Russell; Open Mic Night; features USC talent; draws rude crowd; Devil; of a missed opportunity; B-movie through and through; Shyamalan’s elevator murder story creative; concept for horror fi lm; poorly executed; Garcia still starting; Spurrier concerned with running style; Redskin’s dream comes true; Anthony living proof with hard work; one’s dreams can come true; SEC POWER RANKINGS: WEEK 4

The Daily Gamecock, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 2010