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Kara Apel

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University of South Carolina Board of Student Publications and Communications




USC avoids construction ban; Board demands SC colleges stop building or drop tuition; SG attacks; Sanford’s education proposals; Senators discuss governor’s opinions on moratorium; Jobs up at Career Fair; Employers; interviews increase in 2010; Carolina alum hopes to fight area homelessness; Carnes seeks volunteers to eradicate problem in Midlands counties; Tropical storm brings floods to Carolinas; After shooting; Texas governor defends guns; Pakistan investigates CIA missile attack; SG extends deadline for Elections Commission; Commissioner sees low interest in committee; Career fair yields more opportunities; Sanford deserves some say in USC’s financial decisions; NAMBLA brainwashes young boys; Group supports illegal; immoral relationships; Not all developing countries ‘poor nations’; Common phrases describing different; civilizations can be misleading; false; Free Times Music Crawl; Take a Road Trip; Enjoy the River; Go See a Movie; Jason Aldean at Colonial Life Arena; Grey’s Anatomy’ brings back drama; Premiere underwhelms; not up to par with finale; RIVALRY COMING TO CLOSE; Contestants chosen to compete; in next week’s acoustic battle; Garcia vows to avoid hits; USC quarterback promises to heed Spurrier’s requests; AUGUSTE; UNIT AIM TO IMPROVE; Secondary to ‘work out the kinks’ after Auburn loss; USC defense will; rebound against Tide; Gamecocks will correct issues; perform better against No. 1 Alabama

The Daily Gamecock, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 30, 2010