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Jackie Alexander

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University of South Carolina Board of Student Publications and Communications




Graffiti; love; hope; property damage; mixed reactions; benches; buildings; research grant; $10.7; five years; colon; rectal cancer; researchers; colorectal cancer; diagnosed; cancer; CGC chat; carolina global community; california; peeper; sues; pornography collection; material; authorities; Graffiti spreads love; hope across campus; No lead in USC property damage case; students have mixed reactions to messages; USC to receive research grant of $10.7 million for five years; Students; faculty to participate in colon; rectal cancer studies; California peeper sues police for return of $10; 000 pornography collection; Authorities awaiting court decision before turning over material; Latin festival set to heat up Columbia; Fourth annual street celebration offers students chance to experience lively culture firsthand through authentic cuisine; live performances; Federal drug charges no laughing matter; Global warming seems convenient lie; Keep mind open; mouth shut about other beliefs; Politicians; media create hysteria based on factual errors; false conclusions; Show acceptance of other faiths; avoid using ridicule when discussing religion; Poker Epiphany; USC student lives out ultimate Vegas experience; wins big; Quirky novel entertains; charms; Run defense focal point for Carolina; Spurrier concerned over inability to tackle; awareness on special teams play; Soccer programs score amazing upsets over weekend; Berson; Smith start year by knocking off two top tier teams in first games

The Daily Gamecock, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 5, 2007