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Jackie Alexander

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University of South Carolina Board of Student Publications and Communications




Medical plan; inexpensive; health care; flexible options; Norwood; dorm; votes; RHA; error; ballots; re-vote; invests; savings; profit; filmmaker; JDC Films Production; Crafton; Medical plan saves money; Inexpensive health care costs give students more flexible options; DORM VOTES; AGAIN ON RHA; Controversy over error in residence hall election ballot; Student invests savings into passion; Local filmmaker turns rejection into profit; City remembers tragedy; Columbia begins two-day memorial of victims; heroes; Gimme; less Spears; Former pop idol gives lackluster performance; kicks off MTV awards; UGA win good start; not enough for SEC; Good kids unjustly labeled hoodlums; Parents; schools hand out unfair punishments to so-called ‘black sheep’; Fourteenth; Amendment violated by alcohol laws; Moderation answer to teen drinking problems; not intensive regulation; Students need to challenge class facts; Sponges; should take a stand; question spoon-fed information; professors; Alien Invasion!; Extraterrestrial exhibit at South Carolina State Museum gives insight to potential life-forms from other planets; provides information on solar system; crop circle phenomena; Abductees speak out in documentary; Alien victims; skeptics; believers discuss experiences with UFOs; science fiction-style medical tests in ‘The Unexplained’ movie; Inspiring scents create flirty; attention-grabbing auras for women; Bvlgari; Michael Kors among best of fragrances this season for women; leaving enchanting smells; An UGA-ly victory; Upset of No. 11 Georgia propels USC to first ranking since 2005 season; Defense dominates for first SEC win; UGA held out of end zone for first time since 2001

The Daily Gamecock, MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 2007