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Jackie Alexander

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University of South Carolina Board of Student Publications and Communications




Until Next Year; Added security measures; good weather contribute to success of 2007 State Fair; WATER; SCARCE IN S.C. REGION; State not expected to recuperate from drought anytime soon; Sex abuse under scrutiny; About 1 in 4 disciplined teachers accused of sex-related offenses; Drought persists in Ga.; Georgia’s governor declares water shortage emergency; J.K. Rowling outs prevalent character; Harry Potter; author reveals that Dumbledore is gay; Monk visits Emory; Dalai Lama teaches students powers of meditation against depression; Dumbledore preaches tolerance after death; Religious reasons shouldn’t deny health; Potential danger causes parents to risk preventable disease over any medicine; Comedian may be best candidate for president; Colbert’s announcement raises questions regarding motives of all contenders; Home: More than where the heart is?; Students feel internal conflict when asked about where they really live; Devine Intervention; Local eatery serves up authentic Grecian cuisine; laid-back atmosphere; good times for all; Versatile Perry wows audiences; New Orleans playwright finds success in Hollywood as movie debuts at No. 1; Bringing ‘real life’ to the big screen; Steve Carrell plays lonely single-father in his newest movie ‘Dan in Real Life’; "Dores upset No. 6 USC, USC shot down by unranked SEC foe as offensive woes continue for Gamecocks, Cock ’n backfire, USC quarterbacks combine to throw three picks during Saturday’s loss to Vandy, DEFEAT REMINDS FANS OF ’84 LOSS, Greatness slips through Carolina’s fingers yet again as football team falls to 6-2 on season"

The Daily Gamecock, MONDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2007