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Jackie Alexander

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University of South Carolina Board of Student Publications and Communications




Food Fight aids less fortunate; Donating canned food friendly competition for rivals Carolina; Clemson; COURSE; FOCUSES ON BOND; SPY LIFE; Hanclosky’s class explores history; rules of espionage; Amero holds no value; Rumors of new North American currency prove false despite recent media coverage; Bush takes steps to reduce holiday travel delays; Measures include allowing commercial flights to use restricted military air space; Club offers debate forum; Roosevelt Institute lets students discuss current policy topics; Canada denies refuge to military deserters; Tiger Burn brings sense of normalcy to students; Canceling tradition takes away outlet for mourning instead of easing grief; Forever Young; "Chrome Dreams II, "; newest album from Neil Young; blends past; present sound with rich; enticing voice; Dangermuffin safe bet for good music; Charleston group holds live show Saturday night to promote new; easy listen album; Beermuda; BAND STIRS UP LOCAL SCENE; Neo punk trio relies on fresh; fast sound; No reason to stop reading ‘Quitter’; Columnist Dan Dunn’s new novel keeps readers flipping pages with hilarious tales of drunken revelry; clever quotes; Beauty Tips for Winter Weather; Hardwood Heroes; English; Hudson reflect on paths taken for careers; Opening up non-football mailbag for sports fans; Marbury’s crazy antics; A-Rods insane contract; Celtics sudden relevance; USC east meets USC west Saturday; Gamecocks host Trojans in battle for naming rights; Tolliver shoots down Cavaliers; Gamecocks earn tough victory over Virginia; move to 2-0 on season; South Carolina takes on Tide; Dogs; USC closes out season at home against Alabama and Mississippi State

The Daily Gamecock, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 2007