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Jackie Alexander

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University of South Carolina Board of Student Publications and Communications




Mark Sanford talks to College Republicans; Shelter offers relief from cold weather; Homeless take refuge in temporary building; new permanent location set to open Monday; More seats; more support; Student section adjusted to increase attendance at basketball games; S.C. private attorney makes run for Senate; Political newcomer Cone will seek Democratic seat; replacing Sen. Graham; Beowulf exhibit coincides with new movie; Thomas Cooper Library offers 51-piece collection featuring modern works; Thompson visits S.C.; praises vets; Presidential hopeful speaks at State House; discusses plans for potential administration; New Facebook program matches ads with users; Homelessness solution lies in rehabilitation; Waterboarding tactic proves torturous; US interrogation practices reveal dark; questionable side of military operations; Donations fail to ease on-campus living woes; Student housing remains unimproved despite plans for dormitory renovations; Don’t let politicians’ jargon fool you; Potential candidates hide own agenda under guise of superfluous language; Alternative band changes up sound; Avenged Sevenfold’s new album departs from typical style; still worth listen for devoted fans; Latin Grammys air Thurs.; Eighth annual edition promises big name stars; unique newcomers; The Fiery Furnaces; Eccentric band makes return with semi-secret show in Manhattan; Oprah Winfrey pulls disputed book from online list of recommendations; Author’s questionable past discredits message of children’s book; Strike stops production of at least 7 prime-time shows; Stakes raised as walkout targets many movie studios; TV networks; Women edge All-Stars for win; Tolliver scores game-high 18 points as USC wins lone exhibition game of season; Sports fans need change in attitude; If fans were truly loyal to garnet and black they’d stay for the whole game; Getting to know Shelley Smith; Women’s soccer coach talks of short but storied career at USC; Spurrier set for round 3 with Florida; Game

The Daily Gamecock, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 2007