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Jackie Alexander

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University of South Carolina Board of Student Publications and Communications




World AIDS Week ends in memorial ceremony tonight at State House; "Unite, Join the Revolution, Share the Responsibility"; aims to educate students; disprove common stereotypes; OneCarolina offers newer; state-of-the-art technology; Student technology services will gradually update USC’s VIP; Web resources over next three years; Circuit Court attempts to deport supposed Nazi sadist; Death camp guard ordered out of America; Salvation Army bell ringer ordered out of Vermont homeless shelter due to lack of employment in months; Good Samaritan Haven shelter requires clients to spend their days looking for work or housing; for not complying Tucker was ordered out by Saturday; I-73 gets key approval of S.C.; federal officials; Planned highway aims to connect Michigan; S.C.; Body discovered in Kansas may lead authorities to information about fate of missing college student; Emily Sanders led a secret life as an Internet porn star; was last seen leaving an El Dorado bar Friday; Former Milwaukee officers sentenced to long prison terms; Officers were convicted for taking part in off-duty beating of biracial man; Following several sexual misconduct allegations by students; Kentucky seeks change in age of consent; Democrat Gray is following lead of many other states by proposing bill to protect students under 18; Bush urges Democrats to approve Iraq War funding ‘without strings’; Standoff between White House; liberals proves problematic; U.S. mega-companies should follow Google; Voters find little choice in candidates; American political parties show no real significant differences in platforms; Pre-holiday exams prove big obstacle for students; Professors should not be expected to move finals because of bad planning; We’re celebrities; y’all; Hulk sued for divorce; Britney takes five-finger discount; Twiggy leaves ‘Top Model’; Musicians’ fame grows after death; Many artists reach career peaks only after life ends; affect fans decades later; Real fun from virtual worlds; Fall’s

The Daily Gamecock, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 2007