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Liz White

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University of South Carolina Board of Student Publications and Communications




Brown wins third election; After multiple run-offs, Student Government treasurer position finalized; Fashion show raises sweatshop awareness; USC student organizes event to promote university clothes made in safe factories; Student fees used for services; Tuition dollars used towards technology, transportation; City Council debates construction of wetlands; Flooding areas with wastewater may benefit ecosystem, quality, animal populations; S.C. House approves bill concerning abortion plan; Pet owners watch beloved animals closely after food recall causes deaths; Nearly 100 brands were contaminated, causing kidney failure, vomiting; Senate passes bill focusing on future elections; New measure designed to inform students, elections candidates; Starbucks should stick to what it knows best; Fantasy better than real deal in sports; Without getting physical, fans get chance to play games in dream leagues; Results in for USC’s least favorite song; You’re not alone if artists like Nickelback make you want to punch someone; Bad kissing inexcusable in collegiate relationships; Proper techniques should now be second nature, not something to learn; Rejuvenate subpar grades; It’s crunch time: boost your GPA, start with these tips; Making the best of sneezin’ season; Natural supplements not proven effective; Discovering science in empathy; Skin sensitivity shows connection in patients, therapists; Outrageous health claims from diet companies don’t always help, but can hurt; Stricken by the Pride; Carolina women’s season comes to an end with home loss; Gamecocks pound Terriers; Carolina avenges last season’s loss with 13-1 win; Here lie the fates of 16 final NCAA hoops teams; Road to Atlanta only gets tougher from here on out; Kansas could be champs; Softball swept by stingy Vols; Gamecocks fail to record a run in either game of doubleheader

The Daily Gamecock, THURSDAY, MARCH 22, 2007