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Liz White

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University of South Carolina Board of Student Publications and Communications




Student body president says goodbye; Tommy Preston completes his term today as newly elected Nick Payne prepares to take oath of office; Gullah language has deep roots in South Carolina; Trains cause traffic back up; Off -campus commute made difficult with excess railroad delays; Alcohol, medication abuse reaches new high; Police, USC officials urge students to be careful, responsible; Vatican dismisses former S.C. priests accused of sexual abuse; Italy trades terrorists for national integrity; Rocky mountain high beats beaches; Alternative vacations like walking up massive rocks not just macho exercise; Pedestrians, drivers alike too anxious for caution; Patience should be used on busy roads, could help save lives, stop accidents; Cutting war funds could cause defeat; Democratic “cut-and-run” approach would create another Vietnam disaster; Cartel in tune with fans; Powerful performance pumps it up, satisfies enthusiastic audience; Bright Eyes switches direction with folk; Band’s tune plays commentary against mainstream; Fashion designer promotes choice in Islamic culture; Despite religion’s limits, Yalcin provides women option of showing off; ‘Crackdown’ offers little fun; Xbox 360 game better than others, falls behind ‘Grand Theft Auto’ galor; Joyous time proves quiet without new athletic crime; Take day to appreciate rare occasion, celebrate lack of police attention; Spring practice warms up; Football team runs second training day in heat without pads; Gamecocks travel to Starkville; USC prepares for Miss. State meeting in weekend series; Men’s tennis plays LSU, Arkansas; Team aims to improve standing with division weekend matchups

The Daily Gamecock, FRIDAY, MARCH 23, 2007