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Liz White

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University of South Carolina Board of Student Publications and Communications




Wake me up before you Yo-Yo; WUSC FM gets wacky with record-breaking attempt to kick off fundraiser event week; New officials get inducted; Inauguration marks new beginning for students, campus; Campus women’s group travels to Washington D.C. conference; Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance gets inspired by influential advocates, fi nds passion in speakers’ causes at national meeting to discuss global issues, rights; Leaders authorize banning of gay unions; S.C. among 8 states to define marriage as heterosexual pairing; Video shows Charleston officer shoving skateboarder into hedge; Numerous complaints from business owners, incidents demonstrate urgent need for more parks for skating; Hidden Riddle Race lets students play, raise funds; Senior thesis project makes money for St. Jude’s Hospital; Students, toy will help USC break world record; Animal activism goes ridiculously far; Controversy over “Knut” shows laughable things done to protect nature; You’ll snag dream job; search might be necessary; Keep daily grind on back burner now; College kids should spend time enjoying life rather than rushing off to work; Sandler outshines mediocre plotline; “Reign Over Me” not worthy of timeless praise; too stiff, flawed to reach full potential despite outstanding cast; ‘Chronicles’ fails to deliver material; Turtles welcome exciting rebirth; Splinter’s favorite team returns to screen, fulfills fan expectations of kawabunga, fighting, pizza obsessions; Apple TV offers few choices, not best alternative to TiVo; Battlestar Galactica’ offers dark, intellectual series; Saturday scrimmage shots; Big Dance loses flavor due to top seed power; Madness replaced by boredom due to lack of underdog storylines; Carolina takes MSU to woodshed; Gamecocks open weekend road series with 20-3 win over Bulldogs, start SEC play 4-2; Men’s tennis nets 4-3 victory over Arkansas; Gamecocks keep Hogs winless in SEC competition

The Daily Gamecock, MONDAY, MARCH 26, 2007