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Liz White

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University of South Carolina Board of Student Publications and Communications




negative feedback; non-profit; teacher certification; teachers; runners-up; Klump; Stoudenmire; Greek candidates; unfair advantage; ambassador; anti-semitism; survivors; O'donnell; holocaust; ticket distribution; deabates; student senate; football tickets; New program gets negative feedback; Non-profit organization may offer new teachercertification option; plan met with mixed opinions; Runners-up fight results; Klump; Stoudenmire say Greek candidates had unfair advantage; Ambassador speaks at USC; Speech discusses problem of anti-Semitism; today; need for restitutions for survivors; Senate debates over ticket distribution; City Council discusses projects; Representatives from Affordable Housing Task Force present findings; Clicking to fight poverty; Web site; finance club team help give loans to unfortunate; Academy has ‘Best Picture’ nominations totally wrong; Awards should go to movies that actually entertain; not help audiences take a nap; Students need to appreciate little things; Frequenters of campus facilities should take time out of day to be thankful; Elections not through with stupidity just yet; Tales of America’s past are misleading; Childhood stories; Disney movies paint unrealistic picture of country’s history; Fear of docs follows kids through life; hurts health; Confusing med jargon no excuse for laziness over getting check-ups; Organic food makes us healthier& tastes fantastic; DZ holds bone marrow drive; Sorority remembers fallen sister by helping leukemia patients; Dieting tips from the pros; Softballers undefeated versus rival Charleston; Gamecocks hope to keep perfect record against Cougars; Sub-par offense dooms Carolina; Kelley’s 19 points not enough to rally from deep halftime margin; Worthless Wonderlic in desperate need of overhaul; Test for future NFL stars proves nothing; should deal more with football

The Daily Gamecock, THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 2007