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Jackie Alexander

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University of South Carolina Board of Student Publications and Communications




writer jacqueline woodson; devan downey; zam fredrick; no bowl holiday for USC football; HEAVY SNOW CAUSES DEATHS; Woodson encourages potential writers to; practice often Storm drops up to two feet; results in multiple fatalities across country; Author shares passion; stories; Woodson encourages potential writers to; practice often; Michigan; Florida lose political power; Early primaries cost; states their spots in national convention; Obama teams up with Oprah for rally; City: trade guns for gifts; San Francisco offers exchange for money; no questions asked; Season cheer diminished by holiday; word battles; Happy Holidays; meant to be respectful towards others; not demeaning; Spurrier speaks truth: keep faith Carolina; Christmas’ purpose lost in festivities; Day’s meaning rooted solely in religious aspects; not simple celebrations; Taken means single in dating world; Relationship rules taking turn for worse; feelings of; all not being considered; Cheap Holiday Gift Alternatives; Get creative; don’t break bank with cookies; photo collages; TUNE IN; CHECK OUT SCI-FI HITS; From ‘Muppets’ to Marty McFly; enthusiasts can find TV favorite; Which Wich? goes wild with; custom ‘wiches; " dessert menu, Sandwich joint puts twist on typical lunch fare, offers extensive variety, SLOW START DOOMS USC, Gamecocks can’t catch up to Tigers after falling into first half hole, drop to 4-4 on season, Women’s team victorious, Tolliver scores 18 as Carolina wins their second game in a row, No last-minute travel arrangements for USC, as team fails to get bowl game invite

The Daily Gamecock, MONDAY, DECEMBER 3, 2007