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Jackie Alexander

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University of South Carolina Board of Student Publications and Communications




Low prices; gas pump; gallon; gasoline; fill up; costs; mitchell; garcia; suspended; scholars; research grants; magellan program; sprague; magellan; retiring; professors; retirement; leaving; Low prices at gas pump; South Carolina gas costs among lowest in nation; students take advantage; Blake Mitchell; shown with Stephen Garcia; will sit out the first game of the 2007 season.; Mitchell; two others suspended for opener; Scholars awarded research grants; Undergraduates look for answers in Magellan program; Retiring professors leave USC in bind; More than 40 faculty slated to leave university classrooms by 2009; Rivers provide relief during heat wave; Lack of oxygen; pollution threatens Columbia’s natural resources; Buddhist center offers calm; Center offers religious teachings; culture to; students; Pilot disappears during African trek; Lone wolf; pilot vanishes while ferrying plane over western Africa; Richter leaves health school; Dean steps down; Chandler to serve as replacement; Drop murder case; officer recommends; Marine charged with murder of Iraqis; assaulting others; Rescuers give up hope in Peru earthquake; Tens of thousands left homeless after magnitude-8 quake; Remains of last Russian czar’s heir may have been found; Royal family killed in Bolshevik revolution; bones found; Barack tours SC public school; Obama calls for more federal funding at ‘corridor of shame’; Sudan expells top Western diplomats; Government charges; envoys with meddling in internal affairs; Graham remains frail; Bleeds show preacher’s; fragile condition; stark contrast to past; FEMA moves Katrina victims; Formaldehyde found in trailers; residents fear illness; Senate plans mine hearing; Mine owner prepares final rescue attempt in Utah collapse; Alabama inmate put to death; Governor refuses to intervene; man maintains innocence until end; Bonds’s new record leaves sport’s fans feeling jaded; Possibilities of steroid use take away from historical excitement at new record; Freshmen should find home at school; Enjoying experiences; getting to know Carolina will ease homesickness; New solutions needed for parking problems; Now that’s some high quality H2O; Classic soda companies; numb drinkers’ tastes with variety of flavors; Corey Smith matures in latest album effort; Recent fatherhood; continuing success offer fresh lyrical inspiration to compliment rock sound.; Epic comedy at its baddest; Flick echoes reality of high school experience with disarming sarcasm; relatable scenarios; British actors invade American airwaves with style; Mitchell benched; Mitchell turns over quarterback position again; finds himself suspended; Smelley gets keys to USC Cock ’n Fire; With Mitchell benched; fans hope redshirt QB can lead team to title; Volleyball set to start; Gamecocks look to spike trio at upcoming Delaware/Asics Invitational; NCAA won’t overturn text messaging ban on recruiting; Board maintains strong stance against communicating with prospective athletes

The Daily Gamecock, FRIDAY, AUGUST 24, 2007