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Jackie Alexander

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University of South Carolina Board of Student Publications and Communications




arking meters; smartcards; tokens; upgrades; microchips; parking services; student pulse; ticket distribution; shores; heavy winds; hurrican season; charleston; beaches; football season; long lines; camp out; City meters make progress; SmartCards; tokens part; of upgrades applied around Columbia; SHORES; READY TO SEE HEAVY WINDS; SC beaches in good shape near height of hurricane season; Students prep for ticket distribution; Long lines; early morning camp outs possible as football season begins again this weekend; Five Points could add to skyline; Six-story building would add condos; parking deck; FLORIDA PARTY MUST DELAY VOTE; Democrats strip state of delegates for holding early primary; Circus animals win in activist battle; Elephants benefit from fight between zoos and animal rights groups; Island voyages cause controversy; Hawaii’s first passenger services sets sail despite court cloud over concerns; Biologists endure isolation; noise; Scientists go to extreme lengths to protect Maine puffin species; Garden; bridges divide; Saucy; Southern glossy finds balance between conservation; sport; Search for miners continues; Officials continue looking for missing men using robotic camera; Freshmen should go to class; follow life’s passion; First-year students need to seize college benefits besides beers; Five Points; Russell House pushes musical apathy; University doesn’t take advantage of unique campus radio station; Character; integrity missing on gridiron; M.I.A. back in action with ‘kala’; Conventional music takes backseat to newest international sound of dance; Kweli pops out with ‘Eardrum’; Newest album may help champion lyricist break into mainstream; Daily Show; lightens up Iraq; Marine; Rob Riggle boosts soldier morale with Iraq comedy tour; Avvenu helps users download files easily; legally; Freeware allows streaming music; remote file access; Facebook users divulge too much; study finds; Social networkers open to scams; identity theft; Adjustments abound for opening day; Depth chart receives tweaking after multiple suspensions; Freshman not solution for winning SEC crown; Mitchell’s suspension gives Smelley starting job; but leaves season uncertain; Ultimate Frisbee; club team set for new; season; seeks players; Squad looking for interested students to play in fast-paced sport; Gamecocks drop tourney championship; Freshmen lead volleyball to 2-1 start with wins against Binghamton; BC; Men’s soccer falls in; exhibition play; Honors continue to roll in for linebacker Brinkley

The Daily Gamecock, MONDAY, AUGUST 27, 2007