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Jackie Alexander

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University of South Carolina Board of Student Publications and Communications




Award; professor talent; texas broadcasters association; Grant; journalism; professor of the year; online tickets; postponed; security issues; open mic; alpha phi alpha; distribution system; basketball season; Award reflects professor’s talent in field; Texas Broadcasters Association honors; USC’s Grant; Online tickets not ready yet; Security issues push launch date to; January 2008; Five Points vendors split on parking meters; Merchants disagree on pros; cons of downtown parking; SC students receiving; college credit for AP classes reaches high; Man pleads guilty to voluntary manslaughter in shooting death; Spanish speaking flocks extend linguistic horizons; Hispanic churches turn to English to target U.S. Latinos; Blanco called as witness in; Katrina evacuation case; La. Gov. takes stand in trial over Katrina nursing home deaths; Senator faces scrutiny following sting; Craig says he isn’t gay; GOP calls for investigation; S.C. follows nationwide; trend of lower SAT scores; Palmetto State high; schoolers rank 49th in standardized test; Furnished; apartments lack taste; unique style; Generic feel leaves little room for personal decor; comfortable atmosphere; Apple a day can’t keep PC woes away; Textbook prices cause poor students despair; Finding do’s; doughnuts of weight loss; Even without trans fats; Dunkin’ Donuts is not right solution for dieting; Breaking down the battle of the formats: HD DVD vs. Blu-Ray; Sony and Toshiba battle for dominance in the home video market; Logic puzzles; number games back in action; Sudoku; crosswords; prove challenging job for fans; developers; Resurrecting; a true knockout; Powerful performances; inspirational message bring indie film to life with unexpected twists; deep emotional impact; Tote bag trend takes off; Fashion-savvy consumers get carried away with environmentally friendly accessories; Bioshock; stuns video gamers; Heroes of Mana; finally brings real-time strategy to Nintendo DS; Anyone can benefit by being an active listener; Conversation skills not limited to speaking; Golden Rule applies to communication as well; Who’s going to have a career year? Who’s going to be a bust? And who will be the breakout player of the 2007 NFL seaon?; Top 10 Running Backs; Top 10 receivers; Top 10 Quarterbacks; Top 10 Defenses; Top 10 sleepers; Top 5 Kickers; Gamecocks ready for Ragin’ Cajuns; Youth movement on defense could benefit Carolina

The Daily Gamecock, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 29, 2007