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Liz White

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University of South Carolina Board of Student Publications and Communications




Chick-fil-A; USC; company chairman; cows; SAGE; Earth Day; environment; National Park; Wildlife; file-sharing; crackdown; FMLA; violations; VT; memorial; Virginia Tech; illegal music; downloading; Chick-fil-A founder visits USC; Company chairman stresses hard work; good principles to encourage students to succeed; Tania Stewart; co-president of FMLA and fourth-year marketing student; The movers and shakers of USC answer your burning questions for our reporters; SAGE draws crowd for Earth Day; Group hopes to raise awareness about; environmental issues; File-sharing crackdown; Rules enforced after high number of reported violations; Recycling unavailable in apartments; Growing environmental concerns make good trash habits a city necessity; U.S. will impose sanctions on Sudan; Bush says if bloodshed continues; economic punishments necessary; Senate opposes expanding smoking ban; Members discuss new stop sign; candlelight vigil for Virginia Tech students; Partial birth abortion banned; Opponents argue that Supreme Court ignored 30 years of precedent; NBC news receives ‘manifesto’ from killer; Virginia Tech murderer took time between shootings to mail package; Cho Seung-Hui; Return to‘80s would be totally bodacious; Best decade ever puts 2000s to shame; we need neon colors; crimped hair; Homophobic group deserves mockery; Ignorance of Westboro Baptist Church not worth the animosity it provokes; For at least one day; respect Mother Earth; Virginia violence not caused by games; People who behave badly after playing games; rock music were already angry; Summer skin tips to keep a healthy glow; Protect yourself in sun: strategies to lower risk when in harmful rays; Grooming habits necessary for both sexes; Men need more than just a quick shower for daily maintenance; Sunscreen won’t fully protect against UV rays; Dermatologists say sun damage may occur with lotion use; Tiger-proofing the Sarge; Last go-round for rivals at historic field gives USC final win; Bonds not worthy of historical benchmark; Without Pennant; beating Hank Aaron; won’t save reputation; UNC needed 1; run to beat USC; Pitchers’ duel favors Tar; Heels as Gamecock bats fail to support Hendon; Tennis treks to tourney; Men head to; Louisiana; women off to Kentucky

The Daily Gamecock, THURSDAY, APRIL 19, 2007