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Liz White

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University of South Carolina Board of Student Publications and Communications




candlelight vigil; Virginia tech; victims; hokie; VT; shootings; Google; vice president; Vinton Cerf; 2012; internet space; system upgrade; bartending; jungles; club; unique; baseball; USC pays respects to Va. Tech victims; Candlelight vigil on Horseshoe inspires students; faculty to honor students murdered during last week’s tragic shootings in Virginia; BARTENDING JOB EXCITING; UNIQUE; Jungles employee gives behind the scenes look at popular local club; Google’s VP speaks at USC; Vinton Cerf says Internet space will run out by 2012 unless current system gets upgrade; Convicted sex offender cleared of rape charges; Darlington jury acquits man accused of raping; kidnapping 2 women; Kenneth Glenn Hinson listens Monday as a not guilty verdict is read on the charges of kidnapping; criminal sexual conduct; and assault and battery with intent to kill.; Working for human rights; Amnesty International organization sponsors event at Russell House; Arms laws made mass attack easy for shooter; Massacre at Virginia Tech could have been stopped with restrictive legislation; College experiences teach best lessons; Roommates; professors; mistakes guide students throughout school career; Students’ deaths not same as lost soldiers; Parting advice: find happiness in life; Focusing on own wishes; contentment easy; better to take action; help others; Soundtrack draws; on movie’s humor; CD proves enjoyable collection of British pop; glam rock that compliments hilarity; personality of “Hot Fuzz; Kearney bridges history; hip-hop with lyrical style; The Claim to Fame; lacks unique element; Student made; produced; packaged CD rests on Dirty South rap staples; Indie rocker’s CD overcrowded mix; of different sounds; American Idol; says sayonara Sanjaya; Contestant falls flat during country western week; out of competition for good; Jake Broom’s farewell: The final column; Historic football victories; experiences in press box sum up my career at USC; Yankees-Red Sox rivalry refueled by historic loss; Homeward bound: USC to host Davidson; Gamecocks look to regain No. 1 spot after losing weekend series to Ole Miss

The Daily Gamecock, TUESDAY, APRIL 24, 2007