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Liz White

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University of South Carolina Board of Student Publications and Communications




Gay rights; activist; homosexual; civil rights; Boykin; BGLSA; Carolina productions; student union; renovations; revamping; russell; replace; dorm; dilemma; towers; housing problem; Gay rights activist visits USC; Speaker compares; homosexuals’ strife to civil rights struggle; Dorm dilemma grows; Influx of freshmen; loss of Towers add to housing problem; Revamping Russell; University; students consider proposal to replace or renovate aging student union built in 1970s; Five Points bars explain dress codes; Pour House manager says baggy clothing; T-shirts not welcome; Students plan for summer; International travel; internships; classes all options for break; U.S. might lighten up stance on Iran’s nukes; Credit cards require care; Late payments; maxing out limit can damage future employment; loans; UTS fixes Vista issue; Problems with new software to be solved by fall semester; Teenagers’ families shocked by not-guilty verdict; Darlington man accused of kidnapping; rape found innocent of all charges; Earth-like planet discovered; Potentially habitable world found outside our solar system; Inmates riot; set fire at prison; Disturbance at Indiana correctional facility injures two staff members; Sequel-it is drags movie season down with repeats; Huge franchises earned enough money first time around; need to take rest; Awareness week; should lose rhetoric; Opportunity to reconcile differences between East; West turns into slander; Russel House redesign needs student support; Make green sweep for spring cleaning; Household products contain dangerous chemicals; should be avoided; Best-selling diet manual a must-read; Doctors provide biology to back up weight-loss plans; Back to their winning ways; After dropping series to Ole Miss; Carolina thumps Davidson; Gator bait: UF dominates USC; Softball lose 8-0; 11-0 at home in; doubleheader; Panthers mum amid trade talk; Fox; Hurney toy with trading Pro-Bowl defensive tackle

The Daily Gamecock, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 25, 2007