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Liz White

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University of South Carolina Board of Student Publications and Communications




new bill; birth control; prices; Deficit Reduction Act; 2005; pharmaceutical companies; college health centers; Thomson Student Health Cetner; McCurdy; celebration; Langston Hughes; Harlem; Franklin Roach; New bill raises birth control prices; Congressional attempt to decrease national; deficit means students will be paying more at Thomson Student Health Center; McCurdy performance; ends week of celebration; Students took week honor Harlem artist; poet Langston Hughes; AAAS takes cues from celebrity examples on financial lessons; Subleasing leaves many students in a bind; Apartment companies’ various policies leave residents confused when trying to rent rooms for summer sessions; Imus’ infamous racist remarks result in his dismissal from CBS on Thursday; Registration; hard when picking class by difficulty; Required classes left for senior year are harder than 500-level material; Puppy love; can lead to doggy style; Cat people have wrong idea: feline fury threatens loyal hound dog nation; Spring game provides; entertainment for all; Piehole of Internet filled with hot air; Endless opinions offered online require skeptical mind to find hidden truth; Carolina finds this year’s Idol in Kayla Maw; Contestants entertain audience with audition tapes; talent; Beware of ‘Friday the 13th’; Superstitious people fear mystery of unlucky day; create multiple theories; Men need good; grooming habits; Guys should not overlook proper primping; allowed to take care of themselves as well; Technological advances enhance video game fun; Industries make dramatic; innovations to old classics Mario; Tetris; Bejeweled; Carolina classic to play out Saturday; Gamecocks take to field for annual Garnet and Black game at Williams-Brice; USC set against Auburn for series; Gamecocks; Tigers; duel on diamond during weekend; Pair of aces hopefully stop softball’s flop; Johnson back to work after Masters triumph; Walk-ons path to team no simple Saturday stroll; Peterson plays hard for respect; position without sports scholarship help

The Daily Gamecock, FRIDAY, APRIL 13, 2007