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faculty senate, University of South Carolina


Currell College Auditorium


123 minutes

02-03-93 agenda.pdf (655 kB)

02-03-93 record of attendance did attend.pdf (247 kB)
Record of Attendance: Did Attend

02-03-93 record of attendance did not attend.pdf (143 kB)
Record of Attendance: Did Not Attend

02-03-93 curricula and courses.pdf (1078 kB)
Curricula and Courses Report

02-03-93 joint committee on library materials allocation report.pdf (1950 kB)
Joint Committee Report: Library Materials Allocation

02-03-93 scholastic standards and petitions.pdf (1870 kB)
Scholastic Standards and Petitions Report

02-03-93 motion - religious observances.pdf (247 kB)
Motion: Religious Observances

02-03-93 resolution.pdf (181 kB)
Resolution: Parking

02-03-93 faculty senate steering nominees for elected committees.pdf (690 kB)
Faculty Senate Steering: Nominees for Elected Committees

02-03-93 alber letter to faculty senate - elimination of the chinese program.pdf (620 kB)
Alber: Letter to the Faculty Senate on Elimination of the Chinese Program

02-03-93 richard pool letter to faculty senate on reserved parking spaces in faculty lots.pdf (904 kB)
Richard Pool: Letter to Faculty Senate on Reserved Parking Spaces in Faculty Lots