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faculty senate, University of South Carolina


Currell College Auditorium


105 minutes

02-05-92 agenda.pdf (638 kB)

02-05-92 record of attendance did attend.pdf (245 kB)
Record of Attendance: Did Attend

02-05-92 record of attendance did not attend.pdf (162 kB)
Record of Attendance: Did Not Attend

02-05-92 budget report.pdf (248 kB)
Budget Report

02-05-92 curricula and courses.pdf (722 kB)
Curricula and Courses Report

02-05-92 faculty senate steering report.pdf (671 kB)
Faculty Senate Steering Report

02-05-92 library report.pdf (1146 kB)
Library Report

02-05-92 admissions proposal.pdf (478 kB)
Admissions Proposal

02-05-92 faculty advisory recommendations.pdf (315 kB)
Faculty Advisory: Recommendations to the Provost

02-05-92 policy on withdrawal of students called to active military duty.pdf (1087 kB)
Policy: Withdrawal of Students Called to Active Military Duty

02-05-92 resolution - expressing a dater's bill of rights.pdf (341 kB)
Resolution: Expressing a Dater's Bill of Rights

02-05-92 resolution for the good of the order regarding university bookstores.pdf (195 kB)
Resolution for the Good of the Order: University Bookstores