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faculty senate, University of South Carolina


Currell College Auditorium


60 minutes

11-03-93 agenda.pdf (602 kB)

11-03-93 record of attendance did attend.pdf (254 kB)
Record of Attendance: Did Attend

11-03-93 record of attendance did not attend.pdf (161 kB)
Record of Attendance: Did Not Attend

11-03-93 curricula and courses.pdf (1276 kB)
Curricula and Courses Report

11-03-93 grade change report.pdf (213 kB)
Grade Change Report

11-03-93 academic responsibility and academic grievances academic responsibility proposals.pdf (6082 kB)
Academic Responsibility/Academic Grievances: Academic Responsibility Proposals

11-03-93 faculty advisory proposal.pdf (629 kB)
Faculty Advisory Proposal

11-03-93 faculty welfare revised draft sexual orientation non-discrimination policy proposal.pdf (1491 kB)
Faculty Welfare Revised Draft: Sexual Orientation Non-Discrimination Policy Proposal

11-03-93 faculty welfare university pe center resolution.pdf (2356 kB)
Faculty Welfare: University PE Center Resolution

11-03-93 curricula and courses material submission deadlines.pdf (462 kB)
Curricula and Courses: Material Submission Deadlines

11-03-93 president's advisory group - salary equity.pdf (206 kB)
President's Advisory Group: Salary Equity

11-03-93 review group for health related sciences.pdf (191 kB)
Review Group for Health Related Sciences