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Campus Access Dissertation


Educational Leadership and Policies


Educational Administration

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Julie Rotholz


This study sought to determine if a significant difference exists between the CRCT reading scores of third grade students who are homogeneously grouped and third grade students who are heterogeneously grouped. This study was designed to investigate the relationship of ability grouping on the Criterion Reference Competency Test (CRCT) reading scores of low achieving students who are grouped by ability with low achieving students who are not grouped by ability. Four EIP grouping models used in this study were augmented, self-contained, reduced, and regular. The results of this study indicate that there is a significant difference in CRCT reading scores based on EIP grouping. The mean of gains scores on the CRCT of those students participating in EIP augmented grouping model were significantly higher on the CRCT than students who participated in EIP self-contained grouping. These findings were consistent across all 17 schools. These results suggest that grouping students heterogeneously results in greater academic gains.


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