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Campus Access Dissertation


Educational Studies



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Zach Kelehear


The purpose of this mixed methods sequential explanatory study was to add to the current understanding of the events, circumstances, and characteristics of women who have attained the superintendency position in traditional public school districts, specifically in South Carolina, as well as to explore the career paths that lead to the attainment of that position. This was accomplished by obtaining quantitative results from an online survey of female superintendents, in South Carolina and then conducting personal interviews of three purposefully selected female superintendents. The quantitative portion of the study revealed the professional and personal commonalities of female superintendents, and the skills required to perform the duties of superintendent alongside family responsibilities. The qualitative portion of the study provided depth and breadth to the quantitative findings through personal anecdotes, perceptions, and experiences. Along with prior research, to provide context, the findings of the quantitative and qualitative research are discussed. Implications of the research findings and implications for further researchers and policy makers are included.


© 2012, Anita Paulette Walker