Date of Award


Document Type

Campus Access Thesis


Educational Studies



First Advisor

Jennifer Bloom


This study investigated female undergraduate students' perceptions of their experience participating in group exercise. The study was designed to narrow the focus of previous studies on campus recreation by focusing specifically on group exercise. Further, qualitative methods were employed to better understand participants' perceptions of their own experience with group exercise.

Students participated in focus groups where they discussed their challenges to participating in group exercise, factors prompting their initial involvement, and factors motivating their continued participation in spite of challenges. Further, the participants spoke of the influence they perceived group exercise has had upon their overall health, body image, academic performance, involvement, and satisfaction at the selected institution. Finally, participants discussed how various attributes of the group exercise class environment influenced their experience, and what about the group exercise experience they perceived to be special or unique.

As institutions face increasing cuts to their budgets, it becomes more important than ever to validate how campus recreation programs are contributing to each institution's overall academic mission, and how they are influencing student satisfaction and retention at the institution. This study attempted to discover how participants in group exercise perceived that their involvement contributed to their personal well-being and their overall collegiate experience.


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