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Campus Access Dissertation


Educational Studies



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Chris Plyler


This research examined the influence of five group attributes on three group processes during the development of a Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) at public, two-year colleges as part of the institutional accreditation process managed by the Commission on Colleges for the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). To date, no published studies have been conducted which examined any aspect of the development of a QEP.

This research also gathered categorical data pertaining to the composition of the QEP Development Committees and provides a descriptive profile of the committees. Furthermore, this research investigated whether particular perceptions of attributes and processes were predicted by demographic characteristics and whether they were predicted by the evaluation of the QEP given by the SACS On-Site Review Team.

The self-reported experiences of committee members offer a thorough depiction of the influential attributes and processes involved in the creation of a QEP. Moreover, the findings of this study offer practical implications that can be utilized by institutional leadership teams who must establish and manage QEP Development Committees.


© 2010, Melissa Roberts Batten