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Campus Access Dissertation


Educational Studies


Counselor Education

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Donna Gibson


The purpose of this study is to examine the relationship between undergraduate college students seeking degrees in helping profession majors and determine the utilization of wellness. The study will also explore differences of wellness utilized between the undergraduate college majors. According to recent literature, approximately 15% of college students have been diagnosed with depression (Huff, 2011). Young adults entering colleges are exposed to many life stressors that can become overwhelming. The American College Health Association 2009 reported 32% of college students have been diagnosed with depression, 25% reported receiving therapy for depression, and 36% of college students taking anti-depressant medication (Huff, 2011). Therefore this quantitative study is important to investigate depression not only as it relates to undergraduate college students but more specifically, to undergraduate college students interested in psycho-educational studies. Moreover, helping professionals are trained to assist individuals diagnosed with depression but the question presented is does helping professionals apply these strategies and interventions to their own wellness. Data will be collected through a questionnaire, which will be administered to students enrolled in counselor education, psychology, and social work courses. The questionnaire will collect demographics and depression level will be assessed by using the Beck Depression Inventory-II. The Wellness Inventory will be implemented to assess the use of wellness. The goal of this study is to explore whether undergraduate college students who pursue careers in helping professions are diligent in practicing self care.


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