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Open Access Dissertation


Educational Studies


Counselor Education

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Kathy M Evans


Access to quality precollege counseling is a crucial component of students' post-secondary educational planning. High school counselors provide educational planning and guidance to students which make them a valuable commodity to obtain information for students contemplating their postsecondary options (Hoyt, 2001). School counselors are situated as the focal point for students and their parents to obtain the information needed for academic and financial college preparedness. The research problem was ascertaining a descriptive definition of the elements that comprise the roles of the school counselor in student post-secondary preparedness. As well as determining if there are factors that enhance or inhibit the counselor from effectively performing the roles. A qualitative study using in-depth phenomenological interviews was chosen to obtain a descriptive definition of the school counselor's role in assisting students with college preparedness. This study obtained the perceptions of five school counselors with five or more years of experience in providing precollege counseling to students in high school. The results revealed six themes for successfully assisting students with the launch from high school to post-secondary pursuits.


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