Date of Award


Document Type

Campus Access Thesis


Computer Science and Engineering

First Advisor

Michael N Huhns


The adoption rate of Web services among organizations has shown a tremendous rise, because of the loosely coupled nature and interoperability of Web services. Though Web services have been mostly used as a delivery model for software over the Web, they have emerged as a reliable means of data sharing to integrate heterogeneous data. In fact, a Web service can be viewed as a database, with a service invocation analogous to a query. When there is a persistent change in a Web service as the result of it being invoked, then it can also be viewed as a transaction. Transaction processing in distributed database system (DDBS) is typically complex and the loosely coupled nature of Web services make transaction processing across Web services even more complex to handle. Traditional techniques to handle transactions in DDBS were not designed with Web services in mind and when applied to Web services need to establish coordination amongst them to process the transactions and maintain data consistency. This thesis presents the design and development of a system for coordinating distributed transactions processing in Web services. The Web service transaction processing system is illustrated and evaluated using the travel domain.