Date of Award

Fall 2023

Document Type

Open Access Dissertation


Educational Studies

First Advisor

William Morris


Efforts to improve technology integration for K–12 teaching and learning focus on professional development for teachers. This research study, however, implemented a professional development course in technology integration for educational content writers at a publisher in the Southeastern United States. This research is strategic because most writers surveyed do not integrate technology to align with pedagogy and content, because developing 21st century learning is important, and because educational resources should meet national standards for integrating technology. This action research involved designing and implementing a professional development course that instructed content writers (n = 6) in technology integration using the TPACK framework in combination with transformational learning theory in a descriptive, mixed methods approach. Professional development employed an asynchronous, interactive course accessed through the Canvas learning management system. This course included instruction for participants through readings, video, discussion posts, journal entries, collaborative meetings, and assessments. Data collection methods included the TPACK survey and the Technology Integration Assessment Rubric to evaluate the knowledge and lesson designs of six educational content writers both before and after the intervention. Discussion posts, a focus group, and individual interviews collected data on writer experiences and changes in perceptions of technology integration. Content writers’ scores in the technology dimensions increased after the course as measured by the TPACK survey and supporting quotes. Content writers’ scores on lessons assessed with the Technology Integration Assessment Rubric increased through the use of student-oriented technology to meet instructional goals and support instructional strategies as supported by quotes. Participants expressed the perception that they had the ability to integrate technology into lessons with confidence after the course. Professional development for educational content writers in technology integration can effectively employ the same strategies and frameworks as professional development for teachers with the benefit of a greater impact on student learning experiences through educational materials that align content, pedagogy, and technology.


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