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Zach Kelehear


The academic progress of South Carolina subgroups are tracked by leaders in the South Carolina Department of Education (SDE) and by South Carolina Education Oversight Committee (EOC) leaders to assure the public that South Carolina public schools are making academic progress as outlined in the Education Accountability Act of 1998 (EAA) as well as with the federally mandated, No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act. Education Oversight Committee leaders reported in 2006 that the identified gifted and talented students were not performing as well in the English Language Arts (ELA) content area as they were in the other three tested content areas on the Palmetto Achievement Challenge Test (PACT).

The South Carolina State Department of Education serves about one out of five of the state's students in gifted and talented programs. Gifted and talented students are known to be students who should be able to successfully perform academically at the advanced level on the PACT which is the state's standardized test used for measuring accountability for EAA and NCLB. School site and district leaders have the responsibility to ascertain why the gifted and talented students are not performing academically as well as expected in the content area of English Language Arts on the PACT.

This dissertation study will investigate the progress of identified gifted and talented learners in grades three through five scoring advanced on the 2005-2008 PACT in the content area of English Language Arts as compared to non-gifted and talented students in grades three through five scoring ELA advanced on the 2005-2008 PACT.


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