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Fall 2023

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Open Access Dissertation


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Clifford Leaman


This document explores, in detail, four works for saxophone, which the author commissioned. These pieces were performed on the author’s degree recitals prior to the writing of this document. The selected works are At the Seams by Baljinder Singh Sekhon II, Intrepid by Russell Wharton, Unity Synonym by Michael Laurello, and Third Rail / Revelation by Stephen Karukas. This document focuses on the commissioning process, musical performance, and theoretical aspects of these four pieces. Interviews were conducted virtually via Zoom and then transcribed for inclusion in this document. There have been no previous studies that have explored these four works. The author intends this document to bring light to these substantial works and composers and that the reader will be inspired to explore these works more deeply. As additional resources, the author will provide sample commissioning contract templates within this document’s appendences.


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