Date of Award

Spring 2023

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Open Access Dissertation


Physics and Astronomy

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Frank T. Avignone


The author reports in this dissertation on the application of a technique to use bolometer detector arrays, such as those of the CUORE experiment and its proposed upgrade CUPID, to search for 14.4 keV Solar axions arising from an M1 nuclear transition of thermally excited 57Fe in the Solar core. Density functional theory calculations performed using QU A N T U M ESPRESSO for Li2MoO4 enable the computation of a time-dependent axionto-photon conversion rate in the bolometer crystals. These calculations predict that the proposed CUPID detector will be sensitive to Solar axions or axion-like particles that couple to nuclei and photons with a combined strength g (ef f) aN gaγγ ≤ 6.23 × 10−19 GeV−1, at a 2σ confidence level.


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