Date of Award

Summer 2023

Document Type

Open Access Dissertation


Educational Studies

First Advisor

Toni Williams


Student success and achievement can be measured in myriad ways; however, the impact of teacher effectiveness in each classroom is an essential part of the formula for student success. Although most teachers work in isolation in their classrooms, it is important for school leaders to support student success by finding effective methods of supporting teachers. This study investigates the instructional coaching of novice teachers as a professional development tool to support student success and achievement. The specific aim of this study was to investigate if an intervention of instructional coaching was effective in supporting the development of equitable and effective classroom experiences for students in novice teachers’ classrooms at Friendship County High School in rural North Georgia. The investigation involved four inexperienced teachers and four master teachers serving as coaches. The novice teachers and master teacher-coaches participated in peer observations and coaching sessions four times over six weeks. The impact of the intervention was measured from the perspectives of novice teachers, master teacher-coaches, and students. The mixed methods case study utilized surveys, interviews, and observations to collect data for the duration of the coaching intervention. Findings show that coaching by experienced peers is a viable professional development method and yields positive experiences for both the teachers concerned. The duration of six weeks was not enough time for the novice teachers to meet their instructional goals: however, it fostered their growth in the specific goal they focused on throughout the study.


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