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Campus Access Thesis


Chemistry and Biochemistry



First Advisor

Hans-Conrad zur Loye

Second Advisor

Daniel Reger


La1-xEuxKNaNbO5 (x = 0.1-1), La1-xTbxKNaNbO5 (x = 0.1-0.4) and Tb0.1La0.9-xEuxKNaNbO5 (x = 0-0.1) photoluminescent materials were successfully synthesized by a solid-state reaction. La1-xEuxKNaNbO5 (x = 0.1-1) and La1-xTbxKNaNbO5 (x = 0.1-0.4) exhibit room-temperature photoluminescence with orange-red and green emissions, respectively. In addition, the excitation and emission spectra are same as the pure EuKNaNbO5 and TbKNaNbO5 compounds. For Tb0.1La0.9-xEuxKNaNbO5 (x = 0-0.1), as the energy can be transferred from Tb3+ to Eu3+, the color was correspondingly modified from green to yellow to orange.

Synthesize oxides by molten hydroxide fluxes is an effective method. My works have been focused on the preparation of rare-earth and transition metal containing oxides using hydroxide flux route, which has resulted in the synthesis of several oxides, namely Dy3TaO7, LaCoO3 and LaFeO3.